Shima Vision

  • Sunset Tolendos

Shima Healing is honest, humble and wise in everything we do, say and touch.

We are devoted to always act in the utmost integrity. May it be relating to our students, partners, our local communities or our associates within the organisation.

We are committed co-creating abundance. This is done through our many open house events, charity concerts and facilitating well being for the local communities.

We use simple and clear communication that touches the heart. Our words are always expressed with kindness and compassion.

Our Vision

To be a beacon of excellence in the spiritual development of individuals and communities.

Our Mission

  • To be custodian to uplifting space that promotes healing and balancing for self-care and cultivating mindfulness through the mediums of sounds, energy and Yoga.
  • To provide a platform for training and mastery through the practice of service at Shima Healing through the Little Elephant Project, and at our affiliated centres in ASEAN countries.
  • To guide individuals on a path of becoming a professional healers and therapists