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Shima Healer Within ™

  • Ichigo Ichie "One Encounter, One Chance" Japanese proverb

Shima Healer Within™ is a one-week course that incorporates a number of healing modalities.

It began as stand-alone workshops in 2011 to help individuals reorganise their body and mind using guided detox, meditation and yoga. It was also a prerequisite to the Shima Reiki courses. Even though the workshop only covered the very basics of mindfulness practices, participants experienced profound shifts in their lives. It has since become so popular that the workshop blossomed into an immersive and transformative week-long course that helps one to truly connect to and cultivate the healer within.

Shima Healer Within™ incorporates all the modalities taught at Shima Healing. The essence of this course is to allow subtle yet transformative shifts in your life by using simple daily practices. You may wish to use this course for your own health and wellbeing; to create more harmonious relationships at work or in your personal life; or as a first step to becoming a healing practitioner.

The benefits are manyfold. Most importantly, you will experience so much more joy and happiness in your life.

Course details:

The course runs from Monday to Saturday midday. It includes 33 to 35 hours of class time, and covers 3 key components.

  1. Journey

Each day, we visit gentle yet invigorating morning and evening practices. Each practice will be unique, depending on your state of being on that day. The daily practice may include:

  • Flowing movement through Yoga and Tai-Chi
  • Inner balance through breath and qigong
  • Stillness through mindful meditation
  1. Exploration

Taking the practices to a deeper level, you will be introduced to Reiki, a powerful yet subtle system of energy healing from Japan. This component helps you develop your own unique self-healing tools to use in your daily life.

  1. Insight

Your daily meditation is accompanied by Ancient Singing Bowl. You will also learn how to use one-bowl therapy and Tingsha for self-healing.

If you wish to deepen your practice, you have the option to add on 1-day electives after program completion – in Kundalini Reiki and/or Tibetan Singing Bowl Specialisation. Availability and fees upon request.

Course dates:

  • 2018 Jul 29 – Aug 4 (Sun – Sat)
  • 2018 Dec 2 – 8 (Sun – Sat) Specialised Program (Declutter | Detox)

Program commitment:

  • THB35,000

Excludes accommodation, meals, Thai massage and other personal expenses. Please refer to here for recommended accommodation options. (link “here” to FAQ section on accommodation)

Register for Shima Healer Within:

Registration closes 3 months prior to a program start date or when the program is full.

Your placement is confirmed with 30% deposit payable via Paypal.


It is an incredible introduction to the path of personal growth and self realisation. I love the way Akiko developed it to put the power back into the hands of the individual rather than seeking external ‘help’ from outside sources. The location of the course and the chilled like of Koh Yao Noi in offseason is perfect, too. Thank you Akiko! Deepest love and gratitude for this beautiful offering. Alice, Kindergarten teacher, Singapore

Akiko is a wonderful and experienced guide. I received knowledge and skills that came from ancient sources purified intentions and deep wisdom. This retreat has helped me be able to create my own routine for daily energy practices, to manage my energy levels, self heal, self inquire and refine my inner intentions and insights. And above it all, I felt very taken care of. There were ample breaks and rest to integrate the things learnt. Thank you! Elaine Ho, founder of Yoga Tribe, Singapore

The Shima Healer Within is very informative and practical. I highly recommend it to those who are new to healing as well as those who has done other healing modalities. Akiko is an excellent and inspiring teacher who helps us to go really deep within to unlock our highest potential. Yinuo Tian, co-founder of Yoga Heals, Singapore

Abroad 2018|2019

  • Bucharest, Romania

Workshops are also offered in various countries in 2018



Singapore 2018

Japan 2018


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  • Sept 6th: Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation
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