• Sunrise Reiki, Phang Nga Bay

REIKI is a Japanese word that pronounces as Lei-ki instead of ‘Rei’. In fact, technically, in the Japanese language, there is no word or letter with R as its pronunciation.

REIKI means Universal Life Force Energy. Simply put, this ‘hands-on’ therapy restores our physical, mental and emotional imbalances into original state of wellness. Once you learn the technique on how to channel the abundance of natural resource that is energy, it will be with you the rest of your life as a way to heal yourself, to heal others and any living beings such as animals and plants. It is not based on a belief system of any sorts – but simply follows the natural law of physics. You can be a conduit of Reiki energy so long as you do your daily practices.

Followings are few benefits which everyone could obtain from using Reiki

  • Feeling less tired/stressed
  • Relief of physical and emotional pain
  • Increase in vital energy and feeling happier
  • Reduction in old patterns of habit

 Shima Healing offers two different types of classes for level 1 and 2.

Type 1 – Short: 12 hrs over 2 or 3 days – On Demand, in various locations
Learn level 1 and 2 together or individually but focused purely on theory, attunement with limited hands-on practices. This course is also suitable for those coming from other schools of Reiki and would like to take the Reiki Master class at Shima Healing. If you like to gain more hands-on experiences after the course, you are welcome to come back to sign up for charity activities at our Little Elephant Foundation on the island.

Type 2 – Long: 30 hrs over 6 days – On Schedule twice a year. Dates & Rates
This level 1 and 2 combined 6-day course is for people who would like to learn in a Retreat setting. It starts with early morning Meditation and Yoga, followed by morning classes and evening practical training (on certain nights). It provides for a more comprehensive approach and experiences. Please see bi-annual schedule on Dates and Rates page.

Level 3 (Master)

Information available upon request.

Level 4 (Teacher)

Information available upon request.


A Clear, well guided education course done with lots of heart, wisdom and dedication is very much needed in the healing and wellness industry.

Josephine Ong, Yoga instructor and Reiki teacher