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Tibetan Singing Bowls

“We cannot solve our problems with the same mind that we created the Problem.” Albert Einstein

Vibration/Sound + Intention = Manifestation

The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation. It not only can penetrate the body at the cellular level as transfiguration to ease pain, but also open our energetic body to healing, regeneration, and restoration to regain balance and harmony.

Course Modules:

Singing Bowl Foundation course  (30 hours over 6 days)

This week-long workshop will give you the foundation to be able to use one singing bowl of the Seven Chakra bowls for assisting daily meditation practices, self-healing and healing of friends and family members. You will learn the theory, techniques with ample practicing time during the course. This is a first and a pre-requisite course to take practitioner course which we have in two different segments moving onto up to 7 bowl therapy.

Singing Bowl Practitioner Course (30 hours over 6 days)

You may take this course after practicing singing bowl for yourself for at least one year after taking Singing Bowl Foundation course. In this practitioner course, you will learn to use up to three bowls for treatments as a professional therapist. Must re-take this course once completing homework to successfully complete this course within 18 months.

Singing Bowl Practitioner Course Advanced (30 hours over 6 days) Available in 2019

If Singing Bowl Therapy is your path and would like to experience deeper into sound healing as therapist using seven Chakra bowls, this is the class for you. In order to take this course, you will need to take the above Practitioner course for a second time and pass both practicum and written exams.

Specialized courses also available

If you are already a professional teaching yoga and a therapist, it may help you to broaden your skills by incorporating Tibetan Singing Bowls into your current work. If you are one of the following professions it may benefit you to gain some knowledge in Sound Healing. Each course takes one day to complete.

  1. Yoga and Meditation Practitioner and Teacher.

The society is producing many yoga teachers. If you would wish to gain unique yet powerful skills to share and also differentiate yourself from regular Asana classes, this may be the class for you. The Centre’s singing bowl classes not only focus on the bells and bowls but also give you a very solid background in yogic practices. Nada Yoga is the flow of sound yoga in ancient traditions. You will learn how to incorporate sound into your daily practices either internally or externally.

  1. Energy Worker.

When combining with bowls and energy together, it allows us to relax deeply and help give us gain clarity. The sound and the energy will guide you and facilitate the healing process. This course also covers preparation with Singing Bowl sound, beginning and ending the session with bowls and Tingsha, the Tibetan bells.

  1. Physical/Massage Therapist.

Many leading Spas are using Tibetan Singing Bowls at the beginning of massage treatments. The sound from ancient bowls made with seven metals facilitates deep relaxation more quickly and deeply than any other modality. Similarly, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturist have been incorporating bowls and getting positive outcome with their patients. They are a great fusion of therapy with holistic approaches.


It was an immersive experience with a lot of practical practices to have your intuition and techniques as singing bowl practitioner. Much thought and care is given to know the course is conducted so that we can understand the nature of singing bowl therapy and be able to practice it in a safe and responsible manner. Overall, it was a cool retreat set on an island with awesome people and rustic charm. Perfect place to heal, learn and recharge.

Joan Loi, Yoga Instructor and coach, Singapore

It’s hard to put into words my experience on the island. There is a magical energy there and Shima Healing is a beautiful complement to that energy. I learned so much and left refreshed. I personally witnessed the healing power of the Bowls: My wrist injury healed completely during the course! Thank you, Shima Healing! I will be back.
Emmeline, Reiki healer and actor, USA